Artist Statement

IGLESIAS'S practices are unrestricted by no means. His known for applying 'grunge' techniques such as deconstruction, recycling and raw finishes, in an intelligent and sleek manner, ideas that provoked shock and intrigue the eye. Drawing inspiration from the rawness and decay of the urban landscape of San Francisco, Iglesias creates rich, large-scale samples like paintings and very sculptural works by fusing, burning and destroying things to create these other uncommon pieces. Often reusing found material, second hand fabrics to create new works.  Inspired by other artist whose works are often hung in museums, he wants his work to be hung in closets and worn. Iglesias never sticks to one medium and experiments with new techniques and unorthodox ideas. Driven by an enduring desire to uncover beauty in the overlooked and abandoned, Iglesias’s work pushes the boundaries of utilitarian materials and confronts aesthetic perceptions. Pushing the limits of what it means to be a textile designer and practices different methods, challenging what it means to be a textile artist today. 

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